Windows Security Breach Under Investigation By Microsoft

Windows Security Breach Under Investigation By Microsoft

Windows security exploit discovered by Microsoft

Microsoft believes hackers are taking advantage of a an undisclosed security exploit found in all supported versions of Windows, including Windows 10.

The problem exists in the way Windows creates fonts. The hack tricks users into opening a document that has malicious files attached to it. After the document is opened, or even viewed, the hackers gain remote access to the user’s computer.

A warning from Microsoft cautions users that they are aware of the attempts to breach Windows security. However, they acknowledge that they do not know who is the source of these attacks.

Microsoft is fast at work to shore up this security leak and release a patch to consumers. The best advice, in the meantime, is to be vigilant and perform routine virus scans on your computer. You should also keep a watchful eye for any suspicious behavior after opening documents.

The Company usually releases security fixes on the second Tuesday of each month, so be on the lookout.

IT Repair Professionals Help With Ventilators

IT Repair Professionals Help With Ventilators

IT repair of ventilator machine

IT specialists are building a database filled with repair information for the world’s hospital equipment in anticipation of the increased demand caused by COVID-19, the disease caused by the novel coronavirus. They are working on repair manuals for ventilators and Bipap machines.

The world’s supply of ventilators is under huge stress. This equipment will be an essential part of treating anyone who develops respiratory problems as a result of COVID-19.

There are currently few sources for repair manuals of ventilators and Bipac machines online. Resources like Frank’s Hospital Workshop exist, but these are relatively small operations. Some manufacturers provide easy access to repair manuals on their websites, but others make them harder to find or restrict access behind a paywall.

These IT specialists wants to compile the information and make it as easy to understand as possible. The plan is to break the manuals down into guides for individual repairs. They will make the guides SEO friendly and translated for multiple languages.

They also want to put together preventive maintenance guides to keep their equipment in good working order.Appeals are being made to the medical community for information about which ventilators are most likely to break.

This is an important initiative from a concerned body of IT professionals helping to combat this threat. We’ll continue monitoring the developments in the fight against the pandemic and keep you updated.

Computer Repair For Apple Computers Is Our Specialty

Computer Repair For Apple Computers Is Our Specialty

Computer Geeks is your solution for Apple computer repair

Apple computer repair store

Now that Apple has closed all its retail and computer repair stores outside Greater China, where else can you go for your Apple fix? As the coronavirus continues to spread, Apple has closed all of its stores outside Greater China until further notice. Beyond selling products, Apple’s retail stores are also go-to places for Apple computer repair. This includes the Macbook family of laptops and the iMac. The stores are convenient as their specialists can diagnose the symptoms of a non-working system, replace damaged screens, and swap out defective parts. But with the stores temporarily closing, you do have have another option for your computer repair needs.

Here at Computer Geeks, repairing computers is our specialty. All of our technicians are experts on troubleshooting Apple computers. Our staff is skilled in addressing the issues that owners of Apple computers experience. Whether you need to retrieve data from a faulty hard drive or simply transfer it to another computer, or if your operating system isn’t working properly, our technicians are here to assist you every step of the way. Making sure your computer is free of problems should be our concern, not yours.

Call us at 1-800-433-5435 to have your Apple computer repaired.

Remote Computer Service – We can help you Work Remotely

Remote Computer Service – We can help you Work Remotely

Remote Computer Service is available by calling us or visiting our website.
All you need is a working internet connection and access to your computer. Our company will be able to provide remote computer service expertise that we’ve built a 20 year pedigree on.
Below is a list of services we offer because we have a variety of techs:

  • VPN setup
  • Slow Computer Cleaning
  • Virus Removal
  • Error Message Repair
  • Pop-up removal
  • Program or System Crash Repair
  • Software Installation
  • ANYthing Computer

You may call us at 800 433-5435 or Book Service Online at

Thank You for 80,000 Happy Clients since 1996.

Remotely Yours,


Stephen Hodges
Computer Wizard
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Your health and safety are our first priority.

We are taking guidance from the Centers for Disease Control, which recommends regular cleaning. Our staff has increased the frequency and rigor of car, equipment, and office cleaning because of the increased risk. We’re taking extra care to wipe down equipment, vehicles, keyboards, touch screens, and phones. However, remote computer service demand has increased and we have hired more technicians to fill this demand. We are also monitoring all locations and technicians to ensure they are stocked with the appropriate cleaning supplies.

We are also advising staff to wash hands frequently, avoid shaking hands with others, and practice social distancing. This will help them stay healthy as we know people still need service. Friendly waves and smiles are still okay!

New York City Teenager Files Lawsuit Against Apple

New York City Teenager Files Lawsuit Against Apple

So a New York City teenager files lawsuit against Apple. At the heart of this fight is Apple’s facial recognition. The young man is sewing for $1 billion.

So the young man’s name is Ousmane Bah, and he is 18. His lawsuit says Apple’s facial recognition made him a target of false accusations. The suit also says that last year, a Boston court summoned him on theft charges. The summons claimed he stole over $1,200 worth of Apple products. But wait…there’s more. Because it goes on to allege Bah stole products in New Jersey and Delaware. Obviously, Bah vehemently denies these claims.

In fact, Bah said he was at senior prom when one of the thefts took place (think of all the witnesses that can vouch for him). However, Bah explains that he lost his ID. Then, the real culprits pretended to be him, using facial recognition tech. Bah thinks that Apple’s software security blindly accepted the culprit’s fraud. Therefore, the facial IT support thought it was Bah’s face, and not the real suspect’s. That’s how they falsely accused Bah of theft. The college freshman’s lawsuit said this ordeal deeply affected him. Furthermore, these accusations caused him a lot of stress and hardship. So far, no word from Apple about this.

First and foremost, I am not here to take sides. These are all allegations, so far. I don’t know who is right or wrong. But there is a lesson we can learn here. As bad as this sounds, no piece of IT service is 110% secure. Anything can happen. So just because we spend lots of money of extra security doesn’t always mean we’re going to be 100% safe. Look at this New York City teenager and his lawsuit. Yes, we should take all the safety and security measures we can. But we should also be aware that anything can happen at anytime, regardless. Who do you think will win this lawsuit?

New Apple AirPods and Wireless Charging Case

New Apple AirPods and Wireless Charging Case

So a few days ago, I did a blog in how earbuds might cause cancer. Yes, there is concern in the IT service world. But it’s not going to deter Apple (nor should it; there’s a lot we don’t know). Let’s introduce the new Apple AirPods.

So earlier today, Apple announced the second generation of their new AirPods. What’s the difference? For one, you can access Siri with your voice, instead of tapping the bud. Also, this one comes with a new wireless charging case. Furthermore, these new AirPods have a new H1 chip, and supports a longer battery life. The first model had W1 chips. But the H1 should make it easier for these AirPods to connect with your other Apple devices.

Now, let’s talk about this new wireless charging case. It can deliver over 24 hours of listening time without ever re-charging. And when you do need it, just put your AirPods over the wireless charger. A new LED signal will show you the charging process. With this wireless charging case, these new Apple Airpods will cost $199. Without the charger, they will cost $159. If you have the first set already, then all you may need is the charging case. That case alone will cost $79. It’s all available at any iStore and most retailers , if not now, then very soon. The online shipping process will begin March 27.

So one thing is obvious. If you have neither, then you may as well get the new Apple AirPods and the wireless charging case as well. I’m liking their attempt to improve battery life. That is so important not only to AirPods, but in all things tech nowadays. Our computer repair techs see it all the time. I guess Apple sees it too. I’m also liking how they’re adding voice controlled technology to the mix. More and more people are moving to that. I’m not, but more people are. I’m not loving the price. But hey, it’s Apple. What do you expect? Would you buy the new Apple AirPods and wireless charging case?

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