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  • “I needed my computer fixed THAT SAME MORNING and Computer Geeks was the only company who could accommodate me. Thanks guys, you’re the best!”

    -Attorney Kirk Melcer, Boston, MA

  • “After paying hundreds of dollars to other companies who only made the problem worse, I called Computer Geeks. They were the only ones who diagnosed my problem correctly.”

    -Brendt Lancer, Cambridge, MA

  • “My son usually handles our computer issues but he’d just gone back to college when I found a virus. Computer Geeks came out and fixed it the same day I called them!”

    -Peter Saunders, Saunders Rothstein, LLP, Boston, MA

  • “Computer Geeks’ technicians are so efficient and really know their stuff. I know my law firm is in good hands with them.”

    -Craig Roth, Somerville, MA

  • “I have been using Computer Geeks for almost two years and their technicians have never failed to diagnose and fix the problem at hand. They are prompt, courteous and professional.”

    -Frank Silva, Continental Funding Corp, Medford, MA

  • “The technicians are just wonderful and the customer service is a class by itself. They will treat you like a real person, not just a number.”

    -Belinda Novelline, Providence, RI

  • “When I told them I needed help today, they sent a technician all the way from Boston to accommodate me! I’ve never seen such customer service!”

    -Dr. Michael Bubb, Pawtucket, RI

  • “I have trusted my computers to Computer Geeks for 5 years and they’ve always sent me the same wonderful technician. Gary is a GENIUS and always so professional.”

    -Paul Vigorelli, Woburn, MA

  • “As a retired lawyer in my 70s, I have neither the skill nor patience to fiddle with my computer. My Computer Geeks technician, Percy, has handled every issue with competence and professionalism.”

    -Larry Levine, Hyannis, MA

  • “I am absolutely thrilled to have found Computer Geeks! They are effective, efficient, and most importantly in these times affordable!”

    -Susan Rogers, Mystic, CT

  • “My partner never ceases to download viruses, and Computer Geeks has always been there to get our system operational again!”

    -Lee Stevens, New Haven, CT

  • “Ever since we entrusted our network to Computer Geeks a year ago, we have essentially eliminated computer-related downtime! Thank you GC for keeping us productive!”

    -Carrie Ronin, Ronin and Associates, New York, NY

  • “I have been using Computer Geeks since 2004 and every one of their technicians has been prompt, courteous and able to fix the problem.”

    -David Fredericks, Cohasset, MA

  • “I was on a deadline when my computer crashed and Computer Geeks came out and got me running that same day. I don’t know what I would have done without them.”

    -Jason Witten, Atlanta, GA

  • “I cannot believe how quickly my Computer Geeks tech was able to set up my new computer and install everything from the old one. I didn’t have to do anything and now I’m working again!”

    -John Sommers, Washington, DC

  • “I used to get virus after virus but my Computer Geeks technician not only removed them all but also showed me how to avoid them. I’ve been virus free for 3 years!”

    -Tim McDonald, Jacksonville, FL

  • “I was really impressed with how the Computer Geeks technician set up my company’s server. He really knows his stuff and I’d recommend him enthusiastically!”

    -Victor Valin, Dallas, TX

  • “My husband always takes care of our computer issues, but he was on a business trip when I lost my internet. Thank God I was able to call Computer Geeks and get the problem fixed!”

    -Kristin Ovela, Denver, CO

  • “I work from home and when my computer goes down I am completely stuck. I’m so glad to have found a company that will come out the same day at no extra charge.”

    -Kate Washington, Phoenix, AZ

  • “My office is on strict daily deadlines and we have little room for computer issues. Thanks to Computer Geeks’s maintenance plan, we have had none of those for a whole year!”

    -Michael Griggs, Los Angeles, CA

  • “Ever since I put our network in the care of Computer Geeks in 2005, we have had no viruses.”

    -Patrick Davidson, St. Paul, MN

  • “I’m over 80 years old and use my computer to e-mail my family. My Computer Geeks tech Alex has not only solved my problems but made the computer far less mystifying to me.”

    -Kevin Mican, Portland, OR

  • “I have used Computer Geeks for 3 years and they have never failed to get my computer working again. They even send me the same great tech every time. Thank you Computer Geeks and thank you Heath!”

    -Mark Sembato, Auburn, WA

  • “As in previous times, I developed a serious (for me) problem which was interfering with my ability to do business tasks. I called, received a prompt reply, and the repairman was out my next free day. He would have been out earlier except for my scheduling conflicts. Courteous, clear service! Highly recommended!”

    -Marie Danvar, Falls Church, VA

  • “I have used Computer Geeks about six times. Rick, the technician is superb. He not only solves the problem but gives instruction on how to do something or how to eliminate a problem in the future. When I have a problem I always ask for Rick. Besides his expertise, he shows up on time and if he is running late he always calls. This gives me the opportunity to keep the appointment or to reschedule. I recommend Computer Geeks to all.”

    -John McMichael, Groton, CT

  • “Adam D., our superb tech representative, has been an invaluable resource in providing us with expert advice and service as we have tried to maintain and upgrade our wired internet access, wireless network, and hardware. He knows our system better than anyone and makes suggestions that are both cost effective and well thought out, then executes them seamlessly. Using Computer Geeks saves us from having our own IT support staff. I recommend Adam and the company highly.”

    -Scott Anderson, Brookline, MA

  • I have used Computer Geeks for six months now. I had my printer network go down. One of their technicians, Adam, made a special trip to a supply store when my printer network crashed so that I could be up and running in two days time. The vendor that has promised to overnight the necessary part had screwed up. This went above and beyond the call of duty. Computer Geeks has my wholehearted endorsement.

    -John Brenon, Lowel, MA

  • Most of my generation ( over 80) are not well versed in computer language and problems. Last May, my computer was so fouled up that my grandson, a college computer graduate, could not help. I called Computer Geeks and in 2 hours, your expert was flying over my keyboard, and had it up and running, like new. On August 26th, my computer was totally jammed, thanks to a virus that sneaked by my firewall. I requested Matthew Gardner, your tech that came last May. He reached into his magic bag of tricks for a disk that he inserted into my computer, and 40 minutes he had diagnosed the problem, repaired it, answered my questions, and had it running, A OK. Glad to know that you are around.

    -Leo Lattimer, Stoneham, MA

  • Computer Geeks has been very good to me. I’m 68, a certified dummy, absolutely lost without my home computer. My technicians are so great!

    -Peg Debartalo, Boston, MA

  • “I was in a quandary. My computer had crashed and would not reboot. I was not in a financial situation where I could afford a new computer. One quick call to Computer Geeks and I was saved. The woman I talked to on the phone was very nice and set an appointment for a technician to come to my home. The technician (who actually showed up on time) was very knowledgeable and personable. He fixed the problem with my computer in a matter of minutes, and spent the rest of the minimum time for the appointment making the computer faster. I would heartily recommend Computer Geeks to anyone having computer problems.”

    -Patrick Fernan, Glenn Dale, MD

  • “Our technician skillfully guides us in multiple computer issues, from business to home to kids, and is an amazing problem solver, always going the extra mile. He is wonderful at providing explanations in layman’s terms, so that we really understand what’s happening and what we can do to limit future problems.”

    -Nancy Egen, Boston, MA

  • “I used Computer Geeks twice in two years. I was lucky enough to have the same young man come back the second time, so it was very consistent. My two issues were resolved in a short amount of time and the young man loaded some free software to keep my computer virus free. That was nice. I was able to schedule my appointment for a day that was convenient to me and with a quick turnaround time. Each visit the technician arrived on time and he was neat. Thanks.”

    -Jenn Lee, Charlestown, MA

Computer Geeks Now Offers No-Contact Service
We offer two types of service: 1) Online remote 2) No-Contact at your Curb Service