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Business IT Support


Computer Geeks is a National Business IT Support Service. Our goal here is to provide your business with the excellent customer service that you deserve while protecting and servicing all of your Business IT Service needs. We offer a wide array of services, from Managed Service Plans, to network and server support and server installation, all the way up to Data backup and Disaster Recovery.


Dental IT

Specializing in IT Dentrix Support in Massachusetts since 1996

The dental industry is a busy place, and not everything happens at the most convenient time. You could be in the middle of day, doing a root canal, and your computer at the front desk crashes. You don’t have time to go attend to it, wouldn’t it be nice to have someone to call that is familiar with your industry, your computers and network that can come right out and fix all your troubles?

That’s where Computer Geeks comes in! Computer Geeks has serviced more dental practices in New England, than any other IT company. Whether you find yourself with a virus, have trouble loading your dental software, or even a server crash, Computer Geeks is ready to give you the great service your practice depends on. We offer an array of services, including off-site support for those minor issues that need to be dealt with, right on the spot.

Are you HIPAA Compliant? Or Still on Windows XP?

One of the biggest problems plaguing the Dental industry today is the use of Windows XP. As of April 8th, 2014, any dental practice using Windows XP is now non-HIPAA Compliant! This means if your practice were to be audited you could be facing thousands of dollars in fines. Here at Computer Geeks, we can go over all of your upgrade options and make sure your practice, is fully functional and compliant with all regulations.

Services Provided:

  • Installation of Dentrix
  • Onsite and Cloud Backup
  • Kiosk Setup
  • Domain/Workgroup Setup
  • Digital Imaging Integration with Dentrix
  • Dentrix bug fixes and upgrades
  • Network maintenance
  • Tablet signature system setup
  • and much more!

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Restaurant IT

As a restaurant owner you know that your guests are tech savvy. But what about your restaurant? Are you up to date? Did you know that over 50 percent of consumers expect to be greeted with some technologically innovative options when they go to place an order and that adding a tech element, like a tablet menu system, can increase revenue by 10 percent or more? Restaurant technology can be a powerful tool for boosting revenue.

But how do you know which technology is right for your restaurant? That’s where Computer Geeks comes in! Our highly qualified technicians can evaluate your business’s needs and provide the right solution for you and your customers. One of the big factors of getting people to try out your restaurant is social media. Whether it be Facebook, Yelp, or even OpenTable, the way people perceive your business is what is going to draw them in, or have them just scroll past your listing. Here at Computer Geeks we can provide you with the technology that you need to make your customers’ dining experience, one worth talking about.

Some of the Restaurant IT Support Services we provide are:

Don’t need to get all techy and just want support?

Computer Geeks can handle a wide array of regular restaurant IT support issues. As a busy restaurant owner sometimes you just don’t have the time to deal with your wifi going out, or a POS system not connecting to the network. Let us alleviate that burden and get it done for you fast! We offer 24/7 service and are always there when you need us most!


Law Office IT

The Legal world is a break neck, fast pace business, and you don’t always have time to stop what you’re doing to fix a computer issue. You are a busy professional and have much more important things to do than to fix a virus that an employee got from browsing the internet.

It happens to everyone, you and your team are busy putting together a case and sure enough, your computer dies at the worst possible moment. Who are you going to call at 9pm, long after most businesses close?

That’s where Computer Geeks comes in! We are here to resolve all of your Legal IT issues and at any hour. Computer Geeks offers 24/7 Law Office IT Support, so we are ALWAYS there when you need us most, and at reasonable prices. From viruses and spyware, a server crash to disaster recovery Computer Geeks does everything. No matter the problem, Computer Geeks will get to you fast, offering you guaranteed service within 24 hours of your phone call. We even offer immediate off-site service!

Some of the Law office IT Services we provide are:

  • Software installation and configuration
  • Cloud or on-site backup solutions
  • Installation of dictation software
  • Workgroup and Domain Setup
  • New office setup
  • Hardware and Software failure
  • Networking issues
  • Email setup and solutions
  • Disaster Recovery (Hard Drive)
  • Viruses and Spyware

Ongoing Maintenance

Computer Geeks isn’t just there for when disaster strikes, we are also there for you to make your life easier, through system upgrades, new technology, and time saving tools. Never have to worry about losing all of your client data again, with our data backup services, both off or on-site! We also offer off-site monitoring software that will monitor your computers 24/7 and inform us of any possible hardware failure or intrusive software before it becomes a problem.


Business Firewall

No matter the size of your business network, firewalls are a vital piece of your security package. Whether you have two workstations or two buildings full, business networks are a tempting target for criminals who would happily use your customer data and hardware resources for their own nefarious ends. Luckily, Computer Geeks offers a wide variety of firewall solutions, and can install and configure whatever you need to keep your office network protected.

Business Network Security

It’s a simple fact that business networks are subject to more online attacks than home networks. Whether an attack is merely attempting to gather zombie machines to use in other illegal activities or trying to gather data for identity fraud, business networks are often a major target. It’s vital to the survival of your business that customer data, such as credit card information, is safe from prying eyes. Firewalls create a barrier between your network and the internet, preventing unauthorized access to your files and systems that can lead to disaster.

Business Firewall Setup

An improperly installed or configured firewall is of no use to you or your business. Whether you choose a software or hardware firewall solution, you need to be sure that your entire network is behind this protection, or your data may still be available to unauthorized users. Our techs know the ins and outs of firewall installation; they’ll help you choose the right product for your network and make sure the setup goes smoothly.

Need more protection? Our page on anti-virus and anti-spyware has more options for protecting your business network.

Web Filtering

While some companies choose to allow their employees unfettered access to the internet during business hours, many other employers choose to install web filtering software. In addition to improving productivity for easily distracted workers, you’ll be adding another layer of protection to your network. Firewalls and anti-virus software do a good job, but they cannot protect against files that are invited onto your network by unsuspecting employees. Just like at home, safe browsing habits are a key component to keeping your business network free of damaging software, and internet filters can help enforce these rules.


Business Networking Setup

There’s no two ways about it, the computers in your office (whether you have two or two hundred) need to be able to communicate with one another effectively to make your business work. Wiring for multiple computers can be difficult, and even wireless solutions require massive configuration in order to work properly. Our techs have lots of experience working in diverse office environments and have all the tools and know-how you need to get your office network up and running.

Even if your business is not yet online, there are still hundreds of reasons why your office network needs to be. Unfortunately, computer viruses travel as fast as the flu in an office environment, where the next computer is easy to locate and infect. To keep your network running reliably, you need strong security measures defending it. Computer Geeks offers several firewall solutions, as well as anti-virus and anti-spyware and malware programs. We can even help you install and configure filtering services to help keep your employees away from potentially dangerous (and definitely time-wasting) sites on the internet.

Check out our page on anti-virus and anti-spyware to learn more about how Computer Geeks can keep your network safe.

Network Maintenance

Having a broken down office network can bring your business to a standstill. Luckily, our techs are available seven days a week, and for business emergencies, they can often be on the scene within 24 hours of your call. Of course, keeping up your network isn’t just a case of running into the rescue when things break, and our techs can handle every stripe of routine maintenance.


Workstation Repair

Workstation repair by Computer Geeks is here! No matter what your business, the computers in your office are a vital part of your productivity. Whether your systems are just slow or completely disabled, Computer Geeks can respond quickly to your call and get everything back to normal so you can get back to business. Why bother with an in-house IT department when we can come to you?

Workstation Repair

Before work can begin on your computers, you need an accurate diagnosis of the real causes of your difficulty. It can be hard to tell the difference between hardware and software problems, and both require different solutions. Computer Geeks techs have the experience, tools, and the support needed to get you the right answer the first time, so you won’t have the same problem again after you reboot.

Simultaneous Service for Multiple Computers

When a problem hits one computer on your network, it’s fairly common for other computers to be suffering as well. Viruses and malware in particular spread quickly across business networks and can infect every machine in the office within hours. Having a geek on site means we can resolve issues on multiple computers at once,  saving you time and labor costs. So try out our Workstation Repair

Rapid Response

We know that every minute your workstations are down is money out of your company’s pocket. That’s why our certified technicians are available seven days a week, morning and night. We can be on site within 24 hours of your call, and well on the way to restoring your computers to working order.


Anti-Virus / Anti-Spyware

Viruses and spyware are a tremendous risk for business networks. Harmful programs can cut into system resources across your network causing productivity to crawl to a standstill. Some programs can create security gaps leaving your customer data exposed. Cleaning up an infected network can be an expensive and lengthy process, so it’s a good idea to take the time to protect your systems with an Anti Virus software before you’re facing an emergency.

Preventing Virus Infections

Just like a cold virus goes around the office like wildfire, computer viruses spread rapidly within a business network. The best solution to minimize downtime and potential security risks is to try to keep viruses out of your business network in the first place, by having a good Anti Virus software. Some simple office policies can help with this, such as not opening any attachments in emails unless the user knows exactly what it is, and not downloading any programs from the internet onto the office network. With their extensive experience with virus infections, our geeks can help you create an internet policy that will significantly reduce the risk of viruses. Unfortunately, that usually isn’t enough to keep your systems virus and spyware free.

Anti Virus and Anti Spyware Software

Safe browsing habits can help cut down on the number of viruses that find their way onto your network, but if you are serious about keeping your computers in good condition anti-virus software will be a necessary part of your security setup. Anti virus software will help identify, isolate, and delete harmful programs that wind up on your systems, often before they have time to spread to other computers on the network. Because keeping your virus definitions up to date is vital to the efficiency of any anti-virus solution, our techs can show you how to manage updates and choose a program that fits your needs.

Need more protection? Our page on business firewalls has more ways to protect your network from online attacks.

Virus and Spyware Removal

If your best efforts have failed or your network got infected before you had a chance to implement anti virus measures, Computer Geeks is here to help. Removing viruses from a business network can be a very tricky task, and one wrong move could mean the entire network is re-infected the next time you reboot. Our techs are available nights, weekends and during regular business hours to resolve your virus and spyware problems as quickly as possible so that you can get back to work.


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