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Laptop Screen Repair

Guaranteed availability within 24 hours of your call! Same-day service is available.

One slip of the arm, or accidentally closing your laptop with something on your keyboard, and you hear it…CRUNCH! Before you even open it back up you know what happened, you’ve broken your laptop screen. Although most places charge up to $400 to do these repairs, Computer Geeks can get the job done fast and at a price that won’t break the bank.

Computer Geeks can do any laptop screen replacement! All you need to do is call us up on our toll-free number (800) 433-5435, or fill out our contact form and give us the make and model of your laptop, and you will receive a call with a price quote within an hour!

Once you get your quote for your new computer screen, you have the option of standard 3-5 shipping at no charge, 2-day for $20, or if you are in a rush we can overnight it for $30.

Not only can we sell you a new screen we can come right out to you and install it in minutes!
A Flat rate of $125 for the installation and your computer will look like new. Even if you already have the computer screen and want us to replace it for you, we do that too!

We offer local drop off for you in the Greater Boston area for all laptop screen repairs.

Our office hours are from 8AM to 5pm Monday thru Friday.

Call (800) 433-5435 or schedule an appointment online to get started!

I spent an entire day on the phone with my ISP getting nowhere. After Computer Geeks came out, my internet connection was working in minutes.

Computer Geeks Now Offers No-Contact Service
We offer two types of service: 1) Online remote 2) No-Contact at your Curb Service