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Now that Apple has closed all its retail and computer repair stores outside Greater China, where else can you go for your Apple fix? As the coronavirus continues to spread, Apple has closed all of its stores outside Greater China until further notice. Beyond selling products, Apple’s retail stores are also go-to places for Apple computer repair. This includes the Macbook family of laptops and the iMac. The stores are convenient as their specialists can diagnose the symptoms of a non-working system, replace damaged screens, and swap out defective parts. But with the stores temporarily closing, you do have have another option for your computer repair needs.

Here at Computer Geeks, repairing computers is our specialty. All of our technicians are experts on troubleshooting Apple computers. Our staff is skilled in addressing the issues that owners of Apple computers experience. Whether you need to retrieve data from a faulty hard drive or simply transfer it to another computer, or if your operating system isn’t working properly, our technicians are here to assist you every step of the way. Making sure your computer is free of problems should be our concern, not yours.

Call us at 1-800-433-5435 to have your Apple computer repaired.

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