New Apple AirPods and Wireless Charging Case

So a few days ago, I did a blog in how earbuds might cause cancer. Yes, there is concern in the IT service world. But it’s not going to deter Apple (nor should it; there’s a lot we don’t know). Let’s introduce the new Apple AirPods.

So earlier today, Apple announced the second generation of their new AirPods. What’s the difference? For one, you can access Siri with your voice, instead of tapping the bud. Also, this one comes with a new wireless charging case. Furthermore, these new AirPods have a new H1 chip, and supports a longer battery life. The first model had W1 chips. But the H1 should make it easier for these AirPods to connect with your other Apple devices.

Now, let’s talk about this new wireless charging case. It can deliver over 24 hours of listening time without ever re-charging. And when you do need it, just put your AirPods over the wireless charger. A new LED signal will show you the charging process. With this wireless charging case, these new Apple Airpods will cost $199. Without the charger, they will cost $159. If you have the first set already, then all you may need is the charging case. That case alone will cost $79. It’s all available at any iStore and most retailers , if not now, then very soon. The online shipping process will begin March 27.

So one thing is obvious. If you have neither, then you may as well get the new Apple AirPods and the wireless charging case as well. I’m liking their attempt to improve battery life. That is so important not only to AirPods, but in all things tech nowadays. Our computer repair techs see it all the time. I guess Apple sees it too. I’m also liking how they’re adding voice controlled technology to the mix. More and more people are moving to that. I’m not, but more people are. I’m not loving the price. But hey, it’s Apple. What do you expect? Would you buy the new Apple AirPods and wireless charging case?

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