When we got a hold of it was a hollow site with a couple videos and some pictures. What we were able to do is take that vibrant images and turn them into beautiful backgrounds and sleek and powerful menus that show off Lucas?s style, and appeal to his fans. Computer Geeks also created a media page to show off his various exploits in magazines, and even a video page for people to watch clips of his rides. Along with this, Lucas released a full length DVD of his bike videos and a full product line of Lucas Brunelle merchandise. Computer Geeks took this site and made it a fully functional E-Commerce site for him to sell his products around the globe![ultimate_carousel slides_on_desk=”3″ autoplay=”off” arrows=”off” dots=”off”][/ultimate_carousel]

Computer Geeks Now Offers No-Contact Service
We offer two types of service: 1) Online remote 2) No-Contact at your Curb Service