Shutting off Deep Screen on Avast Antivirus

Avast Antivirus is a fantastic antivirus software. The video we have for you today is a short walk through on how to remove the deep screen feature from your Avast Antivirus program which can cause some problems with some software that you may use on a daily basis. If you are still seeing problems with your computer after removing the Deep Screen feature don’t forget to call Computer Geeks for onsite computer repair.

Avast drops the ball with a definition update.

If you?re a user of Avast, the popular anti-virus program developed by ALWIL software, you should know that a recent definition update (those routine downloads that keep the virus definitions of your anti-virus software current) tagged hundreds of valid files as security threats.

The company promptly responded to the error, summarily releasing a fix just hours later. However, users are still burdened with the task of reinstalling those legitimate files.

Aiding in that effort, Avast has an easy to follow guide that walks you through the process of recovering files incorrectly tagged as threats.


In the event you?re using Avast 5 beta ?or Avast 4.8, this solution may not be effective, requiring that you run a fresh reinstall of programs to which the tagged files are linked.

That?s certainly a frustrating solution, one that some users may have no choice but to use. ?To date, there is no single solution that works for every user. So, read the instructions provided by Avast. If that works, great — but you may have to reinstall the program if their solution fails to deliver.

If you?re an Avast user and you suspect this bungled update has affected the performance of your computer, call our office. Computer Geeks is always here to assist you.

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