Elon Musk’s Solution For Los Angeles Traffic

Elon Musk's Solution

So for those of you who know Los Angeles, you know how hideous the traffic is. Also, despite a population slow down, traffic just seems to get worse. There could be an IT service solution for that. Let’s look at Elon Musk’s solution for Los Angeles traffic.

Musk and his Boring Company introduced what they call The Loop. It’s an electric pod that holds 16 passengers. Furthermore, you can take this loop from downtown LA to the LAX Airport for one dollar. It would get you there in eight minutes. So according to what they’re saying, it will probably be a tunnel. Because they think an overground Loop, or even flying cars, would make LA’s traffic even worse.

There’s a reason their Loop can take you from downtown to the airport so fast. It’s because it can travel up to 150 MPH. In an interview, people brought up environmental concerns. It is all electric; so they’ll be no emissions. They also assured they would give a full environmental report as they go along. They addressed cost issues as well. Musk told the LA public that would be on private property and with private funds. In fact, they already raised about $113 million already. Basically, they will use little, if any, government funding.

This is Elon Musk’s solution for Los Angeles traffic. Obviously, don’t go expecting this loop tomorrow. I wish Musk would invest more in this than in going to Mars. The people of LA need traffic issues solved, like yesterday. And this is a city where 10% of the population uses public transit on a regular basis. But even despite this, public transit ridership keeps decreasing while more LA citizens buy more cars. Will Musk’s Loop change this trend? Or will people reject this too? And even if the Loop comes out, will it be successful? If it is successful, then when will they bring a loop to Boston?

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