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Recovering Data Since 1996

Computer Geeks has an excellent track record for data recovery. We have recovered data from every type of computer and device.

The information stored on your hard drive is more than just ones and zeros. It is everything you’ve ever done on your computer from your research paper, to your resume, to pictures of your children growing up. Hard drives die every day and if you aren’t?t prepared for the inevitable death of a hard drive you may find yourself lost in a world without all of what you held dear to you. A proper backup plan for your computer is crucial and Computer Geeks can help.

Data Recovery Services

It’s one of the worst feelings you can have. You’ve been storing files, pictures, videos, and more importantly memories, and all of a sudden your hard drive dies, and everything is gone forever? OR IS IT!? Have no fear, Computer Geeks is here! Computer Geeks specializes in data recovery when all seems lost. We can use our advanced equipment to pull those memories off the damaged drive and hand you back all that seemed lost.*

Data Backup and Storage

Although data recovery is still possible after the death of a hard drive, it is still expensive and extremely time-consuming. The best course of action for anyone is to have their data backed up on a consistent basis. There are a few ways this can be done:

  • Back up your files manually onto an external hard drive
  • Use an automatic backup program that will back your files to an external drive for you
  • Off-site, Cloud Storage

All of these are great ways to ensure that your data will be safe, but are not necessarily easy to set up for everyone. Give Computer Geeks a call anytime, and we will be more than happy to not only help you choose the right backup solution, but we can set it up for you too!

Computer Geeks is a proud partner with Carbonite and is happy to introduce a new offering. Onsite and offsite backup through an appliance. Below is how it works:

Hybrid backup

It’s a simple, secure hybrid backup solution. With on-site data recovery and automatic cloud integration, it’s designed to protect your company?s most important asset: your data.

Bare Metal Restore

Bare metal restore allows you to preserve business as usual.? By recovering everything from operating systems and applications to folders and files, you?ll minimize downtime and get back to business fast.

Affordable Backup Appliance

Built to provide powerful protection at an affordable price, the Carbonite Appliance has no hardware fees, upfront costs, or per-server licensing. So it’s the best value for your business.

Setting up your Appliance is easy. Simply contact Computer Geeks at 800-433-5435. Computer Geeks will work with you to determine the best backup schedule and configuration for your business. We will set up your Appliance, connect it to your network, and ensure it?s working seamlessly. So you’ll automatically be protected ? from equipment failures to office floods and everything in between!

Data Transfer

Sometimes there is no problem, only new toys that need a little bit of information from their older and wiser predecessor. When you get that brand new computer and want to transfer over all of your data, we are there to help. Transferring data by yourself can get a little tricky if you do not have all of the right equipment, and there is always the chance that you could overlook files, and lose them forever. Our Geeks have the tools to make your data transfer go smoothly. We can transfer data from an old hard drive, an external drive, or even the cloud

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