Diamond Plan

Diamond Plan

Introducing the Computer Geeks Diamond Plan

Join our Diamond Plan. Take the Frustration out of Computers!

Also save on Services calls, new computers and more!

How many times has it happened to you? You finally catch up with all your bills and BAM! Something expensive breaks and you’re out $200-$300 for repairs. With the Diamond Plan, you pay a small monthly fee and we are there for you in your time of need? without the giant bill.
The Diamond Plan gives residential customers a way to afford the cost of a lengthy service call without spending hundreds of dollars all at once.
I know what you’re thinking. That’s a great deal!? But wait, there?s more. Now Computer Geeks is offering FREE cloud data backup through Carbonite? with every subscription for the rest of 2014! Carbonite is the national leader in online data backup, offering Unlimited data backup, and it’s yours for free, while you are a member of the Diamond Plan!
- Our Service fee is Reduced from $50 to $20, on every service call
- You Get 5 hours of Computer Geeks Service within a 12 month period (value:$500)
- Once you have used your initial 5 hours, you still pay the same low $20 service fee for every visit, and you will only be charged $90/hr while we are onsite, which is another 10% savings!
- You also get a 5% Discount Pre-tax on new computers and parts purchased from Computer Geeks
- FREE subscription to Carbonite? Cloud Data backup ($59.95 value)
- FREE Avast? Antivirus Software installation
We are also excited to announce the Diamond Plan Plus! Now you can have even more free hours of service for a great low price! Along with a FREE subscription to our Anti-Malware software HitmanPro Read the details below for pricing:
- Same Low $20 Service fee as the regular Diamond Plan
- You get 10 hours of Computer Geeks Service within a 12 month period (Value: $1000)
- Once you have used your initial 10 hours, you still pay the same low $20 service fee for every visit, and you will only be charged $85/hr while we are onsite, which is another 15% savings!
- You also get a 5% Discount Pre-tax on new computers and parts purchased from Computer Geeks
- FREE subscription to Carbonite? Cloud Data back up ($59.95 Value)
- FREE subscription to Hitman Pro? anti-malware software ($24.00 Value)
- You will be marked as a Computer Geeks Preferred Customer, which will entitle you to guaranteed same-day service in the case of an emergency, when you need us most we will be there!!
Get $50 for a referral

Also, Computer Geeks rewards Customer Loyalty with a Bonus check for $50 for any referrals for the Diamond Plan. So if you know anyone that can benefit from being a Diamond Plan Customer please send them our way and collect your $50 reward!

Need more than your allotted hours? No Problem!

Even if you run out of hours, Computer Geeks still has your back. You will still enjoy the same low $20 service fee, and your additional hours will be billed out at a reduced rate depending on the plan you are subscribing to (see above for pricing) So fret not my loyal customers, if you need us a little more we will be there to help, anytime!

Overview of what the Diamond Plan Covers

One of the big factors of getting people to try out your restaurant is social media. Whether it be Facebook, Yelp, or even OpenTable, the way people perceive your business is what is going to draw them in, or have them just scroll past your listing. Here at Computer Geeks, we can provide you with the technology that you need to make your customer?s dining experience, one worth talking about.
- If it?s a problem with a computer Computer Geeks can fix it. From Viruses and Spyware, to lost internet connection and computer boot up issues. We repair hardware and software, across many devices from PC’s to Mac’s to Tablets and Smartphones!
- We don’t make you pay per computer, any problems that you are having with any device in your home is covered. The only limitation is that each plan only covers 1 location, so if you have us work at your office and you home, you would need 2 plans to cover that.
- 5 hours of on-site labor with the Diamond Plan and 10 hours with the Diamond Plan Plus, each service call holds a minimum of 1 hour. The only cost to you for these service calls is a small $20 service fee when we come out. If you go over the hours on your plan you are billed at $90/hr for the Diamond Plan or $85/hr for the Diamond Plan Plus.
- You get a 5% Discount on the cost of any parts that Computer Geeks purchases for you, this includes New Computers.
- 60% of our normal service fee of $50 is covered under the plan no matter whether you are out of hours or not. No matter how many hours you use, you ALWAYS pay $20 for our service fee.

What the Diamond Plan Does not cover

- Commercial Clients are not eligible for the Diamond Plan
- Software purchases are not discounted under the Diamond Plan
- Managed, online, and hosted services such as, but not limited to, online backup, antivirus, security, and email hosting are not covered under the plan and are not discounted.
- Diamond Plan users are not eligible for other discounts or coupons offered by Computer Geeks.
- The Diamond Plan only covers One (1) Location. If a customer has multiple locations they will have to purchase a Diamond Plan for each location.

Terms and Conditions for the Diamond Plan

The Diamond Plan is for Residential customers only. Customers who are signing up for The Diamond Plan are committing to pay Twelve (12) monthly payments of $29.95 totaling $359.40. Also, in the case of the Diamond Plan Plus, to pay Twelve (12) monthly installments of $58.85 for a total of $707.40. Furthermore, customers signing up for The Diamond Plan give Computer Geeks permission to charge a service fee of $20 for each call, along with all costs related to the purchasing of parts and equipment.
All payments and fees are non-refundable whether or not the services have been rendered. All service calls under the Diamond Plan have a minimum of 1 hour on site.
Customers may cancel the Diamond Plan with 30 day written notice, which must be sent to: Computer Geeks 35a Myrtle St Boston, MA 02114
For customers who cancel their membership prior to meeting the one-year commitment, if the retail value of services used by the customer exceeds the amount paid into the Plan, the customer?s credit card will be charged the difference between retail and fees paid. Unless cancelled, the plan automatically renews annually for another 12-month commitment at the then current rate. Plan services and offerings do not carry over from year to year and are forfeited on the ?valid till? date (annually) if unused.
For customers who stop payment without notice to Computer Geeks, if the retail value of service used by the customer exceeds total value of $359.40 or $707.40 in the case of the Diamond Plan+, the customer?s credit card will be charged the difference between retail and fees paid. Furthermore, if the retail value does not exceed the amount of $359.40 or $707.40 in the case of the Diamond Plan+, the balance of the full $359.40 or $707.40 in the case of the Diamond Plan+ is to be paid.
Computer Geeks reserves the right to add, remove, or alter plan offerings, coverage, and costs at any time at its sole discretion. Members should check this web page for up-to-date information, details, and Plan changes:
Membership in The Plan represents a form of a discount on Computer Geeks services and as such, cannot be combined with other coupons or discount offers. Computer Geeks reserves the right to refuse service under the plan. In the event that any perceived dangerous or unsafe condition exists, if the member requests Computer Geeks to perform work that is perceived to be illegal, immoral, or dangerous, or if for any reason, at the sole discretion of Computer Geeks, Computer Geeks may refuse service.
Individual membership subscriptions, as well as membership plan offerings, may be canceled by Computer Geeks at any time and at its sole discretion. At the time of cancellation, the member agrees that any past due balances to Computer Geeks will be charged to the credit card on file.
For members, the payment terms of this plan replace the payment terms clause of the standard Computer Geeks Payment Terms and Release of Liability? agreement. All other clauses of that agreement remain in effect.
Carbonite and Hitman pro are offerings for brand new Diamond Plan members as of April 2014.
At this time, Computer Geeks does not offer preferential scheduling to Members. Appointments are made available on a first-come-first-serve basis to all Computer Geeks customers.

Computer Problems? We Come to You! Call  1(800)433-5435

Our technicians can service you at your home or business in the Greater Area

Internet Connections

Having a reliable internet connection is crucial in today’s busy day and age. If you have a slow connection, or are offline all together, this can make a huge difference in getting the assignment or work proposal in on time. Our skilled Geeks can handle wireless internet card issues, or software problems that have you cut off from the world! They will diagnose and fix your connection, and get you back to doing the things you need to do in a flash.

Peripheral Support Services

Having issues with something besides your computer repair? NO PROBLEM! We can get your printer, scanner, or fax back online. FAST! Whether you system suddenly goes offline, or if you need help setting up your printer and fax, our Geeks are there. We have your equipment running and connected to your computer before you know it.

On-Site PC Service  

Having issues at your business? In today’s competitive market, it is essential that your business is up and running and online, at all times. Give us a call, and we will have you back on your feet in no time.

Computer Repair 

It is not uncommon to have several computers between homes and business locations these days. At Computer Geeks we have the best Computer Repair has to offer, we can help you get that necessary network set up done right. Whether you need to do file sharing, print from different locations or get online, our professionals can do it all. Call us now, and we will have you running smoothly right away.
Computer Geeks Now Offers No-Contact Service
We offer two types of service: 1) Online remote 2) No-Contact at your Curb Service