When it comes to mobile web traffic, iPad is tops

There has been some new market research reports that show mobile devices are accounting for about 7% of the United States web traffic. The Apple’s iOS is holding around 58.5% on the mobile traffic but interesting enough the iPad is accounting for more traffic than iPhones. Which is interesting since there are so many versions of the iPhone out their but only two versions of the iPad. ComScore released a report that 6.8% of the traffic is mobile and of that segment, about two thirds of the traffic is from mobile phones and a remaining third is being generated by tablet users. The group notes that Apple’s iPad now accounts for 97.2 percent of all tablet-originating web traffic, driving home the reality that competitors have not yet released a significant tablet competitor.
Among iOS users, iPad now accounts for 46.8 percent of all traffic generated, making it now a more prolific tool than the iPhone for mobile web use, which represents 42.6 percent of iOS traffic. Although the chart that is above will show you everything you need to know because pie charts are fun!

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