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They have an app for just about everything these days, from guarding your house to spying on an alleged cheating spouse/significant other. Are your feet cold? Yep, there’s an app for that, too.

Yes, there is a smart boot that can keep your feet warm. With this boot, your feet don’t get warm by wool or leather, but a smartphone app that controls a heating system built into the pair of boots. These are the Lundi boots. These boots are supposed to work with Apple and Android systems connected over Bluetooth. Lundi wearers can adjust the temperatures by using the slider on the Lundi mobile app. Lundi says it literally only takes a minute for the boots to warm up. It may take a little longer in extremely cold weather. The heat comes through the shoe cushion. Even the battery in the boot can be charged through wireless means. All it takes is a boot shaper, and Lundi believes it only takes 90 minutes for them to be fully charged. The boots and heating system are waterproof. Lundi is seeking funding to get this potentially revolutionary product off the ground. Those who want to contribute can?check out this link. These boots have deep discounts, but get them quick! When Lundi goes into regular mode, they’re expected to start at $775.

As far as technology is concerned, nothing shocks me anymore. Ten years ago, we didn’t even know what an app was. Now, the ‘app’ is just as much a part of our lives as food. Being in New England, I’m glad they got the waterproof part right. I remember those infamous blizzards last year and the melting. Let’s just say, I could have used some Lundi boots. I hope they got enough sense to advertise in cold climates. I doubt Lundi will be a hit in South Florida or the Caribbean. Will you be wearing these boots anytime soon?

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