Nokia Lumia 900 for just $100

Reports have come out that the Nokia Lumia 900 that is exclusive to AT&T will be released on April 8th for a price just $100.? This phone will need a two year contract to get the great price but also the phone will be 4G.? This price point is no surprise to me.? With the phone market getting stronger and more congested it is a strong move to make a phone that is cheap but still has the windows mobile platform.? However it is the Windows platform that is the problem in the first place, as there has been problems with developers making popular games for the platform such as the strong Angry Birds franchise.? Many wonder if this platform can stay in the game with Apple and Android.? I guess that all depends on how much money Microsoft wants to throw at this project.? Although putting a cheap phone out there could give them a strong idea of where the marketplace could be for the Windows Mobile products.? Most people feel it was doomed to begin with others are willing to give the Windows mobile a shot.? I personally think that the market is too strong for the Windows phone to make strong penetration in the market especially with developers having issues developing for the Windows mobile platform.? Selling the phones dirt cheap maybe the only way to get this platform off the ground.

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