Are You a Mobile Addict?

I read an interesting article about Internet trends. I have one question for you: Are you a mobile addict?

According to Internet Trends Report, a mobile addict is someone who launches apps over 60 times daily. The average is 10 times daily. The number of mobile addicts have more than doubled since April 2013. Super users (those who launch apps 16-60 times daily) have increased 55% in that same time. But the most interesting aspect are the social demographics. Charts show the 35-55 year-old crowd consists of 28% of mobile addicts, followed by college age, then high school age persons. Women were more likely to become mobile addicts then men. What are mobile addicts into? Things like sports, games, parenting, education, and cars.

Those five are the leading categories of mobile addicts make a lot of sense. How many times do we catch the score when we can’t watch the game (guilty as charged!)? How many games do we play games on these devices…on a daily basis? And parents, how often do you load education videos on your device just to keep them calm and keep yourself sane? So those top categories make perfect sense. But I’m still trying to figure out why the middle aged crowd beat the twenty somethings in mobile addictions? I thought they would be number one. Think of how easy mobile apps are to get. Think of the mobile apps they’re coming up with. Don’t you think mobile addicts will only increase by this point?

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