Yahoo CEO Marissa Meyer: Good Boss or Bad Boss?

These days, more people work at home than ever home. With our 2010s technology, social media and people being busier than ever before, it sounds like a good thing. Don’t tell Yahoo CEO Marissa Meyer that!

A few weeks ago, Meyer shut down the work at home program and demanded employees get back to the office. At first, I thought Meyer was just being a tyrannical boss. But?then I started looking at the big picture. Many an article state employees were?just coming into the office just?to get a pay check. Morale was on the decline.?Stock prices dropped. They were losing ads and employees to?rival corporations.

After she ordered this mandate, morale went from 32 percent to 95 percent. And employees?that left for rival companies are now returning to Yahoo. Plus, Marissa Meyer has made many changes?from free cafeteria foods to a nursery set up for working parents.

So I was once against making people come back to the office. But now that I see the results, I’m?kind of for it. Is it just me,?or has technology made humanity more alienated?and more cut off from each other? It seems like human interaction is?quickly becoming a thing of the past. But now that Meyer is getting people to back to?work, and providing tools and lures to do so, people are?discovering they can work together, you know, like our parents and grandparents used to. Productivity is going up. People are discovering they can actually be in the same room. And maybe, just maybe, they may discover they might just…wait for it…like each other!

So for those who work at home, how would you feel if the head honcho?made people cut their ours at home, or?eliminate them all together? Would you see it?as a step?toward?a greater good. Or would it be intruding on your rights?

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