Windows Phone 8 to have a ton of features

Microsoft has announced a ton of mobile information over this week including the great new tablet called the surface. Which so far by all accounts looks amazing. Well Microsoft did not want you to forget that they are still in the phone business. They showed off the new Windows phone 8 and it also had some impressive features to it. The first thing is that the phone will support dual and quad core processors. This is something that some phones have a problem with even though they have the same type of technology. So the software of Windows 8 will be able to utilize the power of all the cores. There will also be a wallet hub, better Skype integration and of course they have made the phone easier for developers to develop on it. The development part is a big deal because not only will developers be able to make games for the phone but they can also develop for the PC windows 8 platform for even more integration. So that is just a small taste of what the Microsoft has in store for the Windows Phone 8.

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