Will America Make It Back To The Moon?

So last weekend, America celebrated the 50th anniversary on Man’s Walk on the Moon. But the last time an American made it back to the moon was 1972. Now, there’s a push to go back there. Will America make it back to the moon?

So NASA announced the Orion will be ready to go back to the moon sometime after June 2020. However, it’s first trip won’t be taking human beings with it. Instead, the Space Launch System will send it up there. It will spend six days orbiting the moon, then it will come back to Earth. Then, NASA will study this trip’s success and efficiency before determining if it’s okay to carry men, or women, on the moon. The plan is to carry humans around orbit in 2022. Then, in 2024, get people back on the moon. They’re already going through the proper tests, the equipment I mean, at Lockhead Martin headquarters. Because, by the end of the year, they want to send it all back to Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

This sounds like a great plan. But some, including some in IT service, have doubts of going back to the moon at all. I read an article from a tech journalist who is very skeptical about people going back to the moon by 2024. Keep in mind it’s been 47 years since man went to the moon. We’re talking December 1972. Some argue the cost got too high and the missions got too dangerous. But it’s a different day now. Even people like Sir Richard Branson and Elon Musk want to send civilians to the moon. Then you have those who want to see women walk on the moon in 2024. I want to see women walk on the moon, preferably on that year, if not even sooner. But will it happen? Will America make it back to the moon?

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