Twitter’s Year in Review

There are still 25 days left in 2015. Yet some are already looking back on the past eleven months and six days. For example, Twitter has a year-end review. Some results might surprise you.

According to 2015 Twitter, the most influential news stories were the terrorist attacks in Paris, terrorist group ISIS and US Supreme Court legalizing same-sex marriage for all 50 US states. Other heavily tweeted stories include the Black Lives Matter movement and police brutality. In technology, the most tweeted about gadgets were the iPad and iPhone. The top tweeted about new technologies include the Sound Cloud and Periscope. One Direction was the top tweeted music group. Top tweeted TV shows include Empire and The Walking Dead. In sports, international soccer took four of the top ten tweets. The NFL was the top American based sports tweet, and that was fifth of the polls. Others include NBA basketball, ML Baseball, and surprisingly, World Wrestling Entertainment. Top tweeted celebrities include Ariana Grande, Demi Lovato, and Selena Gomez. And then there are the emojis. The leading emoji is a smiley face with tears (means laughing so hard he’s crying). But when I look at many events of 2015, I think the third most popular emoji sums it up: the sad face in tears.

There are many surprises here. When I think about the year Taylor Swift had, why isn’t she on the top tweeted list? And the sports list proves the USA sports don’t exactly dominate the world scene like we think they do. And when didn’t any specific sports team make the top 10 tweeted sports list? Why was WWE tweeted? This is their worst year in two decades. In politics, notice none of the 2016 presidential candidates on either side. Here is the Twitter year in review. See if for yourself. What is missing from this list? What shouldn’t be there at all?

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