The Threat To All Modern Technology

What’s the biggest threat to humanity today? ?Some say it’s ISIS and other terrorist groups. Many would argue climate change. There’s a looming huge threat out there that gets little coverage. A massive solar storm is the threat to all modern technology.

And in the 2010s, we all depend on modern technology. So the threat to all modern technology would be the threat to all humanity. Astronomers fear a solar storm, and for good reason. If a big one hits us, it could knock out satellites, fry electrical grids, scramble global communications, and send us back to the 1850s. Speaking of the 1850s, a massive solar storm did hit us in 1859. It was called the Carrington Event. The worst that happened is telegraph wires were temporarily disrupted. Let’s say we were hit by that same solar storm today. Cellphone and GPS reception would go down globally, simultaneously, and immediately. Our airlines depend on modern technology. ?Air traffic control systems would be out of commission. Flights would be grounded and pilots in flight would be totally on their own. Global space programs would be in shambles. Astronauts in space would die. Modern technology would be destroyed in seconds. However, modern technology would take ten years to repair and trillions of dollars to rebuild.

Do you think this is just some sci-fi movie plot? Think again. As recently as 2005, a solar flare disrupted satellite communication and GPS systems. This compromised travel for ten minutes. Think of how for modern technology has come since 2005. There were no smartphones in 2005. There was hardly any social media back then. Imagine if that solar flare hit today and lasted longer. Even our most basic needs would be threatened: clean water, food, transportation, sanitation. All depend on modern technology. All would be potentially destroyed if hit by a major solar storm. Why isn’t the United Nations doing anything about this threat? Why isn’t NASA doing anything? Why isn’t the US government and others doing more?

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