The government shut down Megaupload

The buzz today seems to be around the government of the US rocking the cyberlocker site megaupload. The reports are saying they not only seized its domain names but also took $50 million in assets, and got the police of New Zealand to arrest four of the sites major employees which also includes the Kim Dotcom. It seems this site megauploads earned $175 million since it was created back in 2005 which it is mainly based on copyright infringement. So with this big attack already in the works why does the government even want to try to make an act that attacks the freedoms of the internet? It looks like they have the ability to go after sites that are infringing on copyrights. Megauploads is a pretty big site and for the government being able to seize the domains and get the New Zealand police to arrest four of its employees makes me believe that SOPA’s true intentions is what we are all currently fighting for, no censorship of the internet and the freedom to speak. I want to keep a close eye on what happens here as this could make a major case for why SOPA doesn’t even need to be passed. If all of the big wigs in the government are looking to make this a act a law then let’s show them that there are already laws in place to protect copyrighted material on the internet and maybe the government needs to just do a better job of just compiling a cases on these sites that profit on infringing on copyrighted material.

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