The failures of RIM continues

The makers of Blackberry have had a tough go of it the last few years. Well there are more issues after reports of their Q1. They have reported the first net loss in 8 years. Not only that but they have also announced more job cuts. RIM is truly struggling theses last few years just looking at the playbook tablet and the problems they had with that and of course the struggles of keeping up with the iPhone and Android phones. Finally the blackberry 10 phone has been delayed until 2013. This is the biggest hit to blackberry’s future. Without this phone who knows how many more shots blackberry will take with no new solid phone options. Seeing the new galaxy s3 coming out and the iPhone 5 on the way I don’t see the blackberry 10 revolutionizing the phone industry. So sooner then later I see RIM either being sold or going through bankruptcy even in the next few years.

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