The Exposing of Intel Chips. Could Massive Hack Follow?

So I just read an interesting report about a potential security threat. It certainly has IT support security leaders’ attention. It’s the exposing of Intel chips. Could this lead to a massive hack?

So researchers found flaws in these Intel chips. They fear if these flaws get in the wrong hands, then they can steal info from these chips. I mean the kind of leaked info, like passwords, private photos and messages that can mess somebody up. They compare it to Meltdown and Spectre. But this would be even worse. In fact, they’re already calling this new group of bugs Zombie Load. Yes, it is as scary as it sounds.

Because instead of hijacking systems with malware and other things, Zombie Load lets hackers exploit the chip’s own flaws. So it would be like a system turning against itself, then eating itself from inside out. Sorry if that sounded too graphic. Zombie Load is also made up of not just one, but four different bugs! But wait…there’s more. These security experts and researchers say every Intel chip since 2011 could be venerable to Zombie Load. In the computer technology world, 2011 may as well be the 1911. In other words, that is a lot of chips that could be exposed by Zombie Load. I could be venerable to this. So could you. In fact, anybody could.

For instance, the exposing of Intel chips could even mess up your apps. Because Zombie Load leak data from app to app. For instance: What is that Facebook post doing on Twitter? Now what do we do? First of all, we don’t panic, but we remain alert and aware. Or as the Millennials and Gen Z’ers say, ‘stay woke’. If you do see something wrong, call someone. Here at Computer Geeks, we’ve been solving these issues for over 20 years. We can very much do it today. In fact, we can fix them better than ever before. But could this lead to a massive global hack?

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