Tennis Star Funds Postpartum Care

So tennis star Serena Williams is known for many things. But of these, perhaps the most important is mother to a toddler. Her reputation as an entrepreneur also grows. Now, this tennis star funds postpartum care.

Tennis legend Serena Williams teams up with billionaire Mark Cuban to fund Mahmee. This is an IT service and software firm that helps new moms with postpartum care. Because many statistics say the first weeks and months after childbirth can be the toughest for mothers. In fact, around 20% get depression and anxiety during this time. Even Williams herself is very candid about her experience in this article.

Two of the things Mahmee do is connect you to a doctor and maternity coach whenever you need them. It also gives a network of women who are going through the same thing. Then, it connects them with women who went through postpartum care. They also provide patient monitoring. Because they provide more than other postpartum website, they have to charge fees for so many services. Mahmee does have a free option, but other services start at $20 a month. The most expensive is the comprehensive care, which will run a patent $200 a month.

But that’s how this tennis star funds postpartum care and lots of it. Her investment, along with Marc Cuban’s, to Mahmee, is around $3 million. I’ve checked out the Mahmee website. It seems pretty solid and simple to use. It also provides a service in the healthcare industry that doesn’t get as much attention as it should. Look, as a guy, I will never know what it’s like to need postpartum care. So I must make that clear. But the fact that 1 and 5 new moms get depression during this time is a telling sign to me. And I’m happy Mahmee is doing something about it. I’m also happy Serena Williams is using her wealth and fame to do something about it. Would you use Mahmee if you were in need?

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