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How many apps do you have on your smartphone device? What are the chances that everyone else has them? A website called comScore tallied the top 25 most downloaded apps. Some of what made the list, and what didn’t, may surprise you.

These numbers are based on how many adults 18+ have these apps and how frequently they’re used. Facebook by far takes the #1 spot with a whopping 115.4 million unique visitors. You Tube placed a distant second: 83.4 visitors. That’s not to say Google is slacking in the app race. They’re not. You Tube, Google Play, Google Search, Google Maps, and Gmail all made the top ten. Maps in general seem to be popular, as believe it or not, Apple Maps made the top 10. You like to download music? So do a lot of people. Apple’s iTunes radio is listened to by 40 million people as an app.

To me, it’s hard to believe Facebook Messenger made the top 25 list, at 39.2 million views. Twitter followed them. Netflix and it’s popular shows like House of Cards and Orange is the New Black made the list with 27.6 million unique visitors. Rounding out the top 25 are eBay, Skype, Shazam, Yahoo Mail and Kik Messenger.

There are a few more surprises. No games made the top 25, not even Angry Birds, Air Assault or Crazy Birds. The most popular downloaded games only have 10 million visitors, while Kik Messenger, last on the list, had over 17 million. Google had six companies represented, while Microsoft only had Skype represented. Between you and me, I’m surprised Skype only made 22. That’s on it’s way to being the most popular app around. Mark my word. I hope Facebook really listens to people’s complaints about Messenger and takes heed, or their listings will probably decline. How does this list surprise you? What’s to make of the most popular apps?

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