Nokia’s Dream May Come True

Do you remember Nokia’s heyday of the late 1990s and early 2000s? I say this because Nokia’s dream might come back. Hence, meet the company HMD Global. They want to sell Nokia smartphones in the next decade. And lots of them. So Nokia’s dream may come true.

However, don’t expect the phones of yesteryear. At a press conference, Nokia leaders talked about a different kind of phone. This new phone will run clean and popular versions of Android technology. This includes vanilla Android, or something like it. Google’s involvement is critical. In fact, one leader says this is critical to making Nokia great again (no pun intended). But they hint about giving Nokia the kind of updates that will make the competition envy. I’ll believe Nokia’s dream when I see it.

However, Nokia executives may be onto something. They admit most smartphones don’t offer the latest versions of OS. Furthermore, they say this has to change. Could the new Nokia provide that change? They say they want to put the right kind of apps and systems in this new phone. This includes things like Google Assistant. The first new Nokia phones could go on sale as early as May or June 2016. But how will it go? And you know we got your back if you need a screen replacement on this new Nokia, right? I know, cheap plug, but what can you do?

Well, it depends on who you ask? Some in the IT service game say it’s about time. Others are skeptical. Some say Android/Google isn’t capable of running a pure OS system anymore. But I say let’s give it a try. However, there’s something nobody is talking about. That is the cost. How much will it cost to make Nokia’s dream come true. Will they go on the cheap and sell basic smartphones? Or will they go $700-$800 to compete with Apple 8 and Samsung Galaxy 8? Or will they do the smart thing and do both and cater to both markets? How much would you pay to see Nokia’s dream come true?

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