New Windows Features,Especially For GMail Users

Last week, in our Boston computer service shop, we had a debate. It was about how good, or not so good, Windows 10 is. So my argument was, “They’re doing better than other Windows services did”. Hence, it looks like they’re trying to do even better. Here are new Windows features, especially for GMail users.

But don’t expect this to happen overnight. The new Windows features will happen first to insiders, then to the general public. Furthermore, you’ll see them on Outlook and Office 365. That is, those who have ties to GMail accounts. If you want to focus on a certain email, the new features can do it. They can also help you with every day business and personal things, like traveling and package deliveries.

But Microsoft asks users to do their part. They need to send a copy of their email, calendar and contact to Microsoft cloud. This updates your GMail system. In the next few weeks, expect reminders to upgrade your GMail account. And they won’t stop reminding you, either. So if you miss the first prompt, just give it a few weeks. You’ll get another one.

In fact, they’ll probably cram it down your throat until you finally do accept the new Windows feature. That’s what I don’t like about these new features. And it’s not just Microsoft, but just about every IT service does it like this. It’s maddening. Okay, enough of my ranting. But I wish Microsoft would tell us a little bit more of these new Windows features. What else do they have to offer? Or is this it? And I’ve been talking to several Windows 10 users. I also spoke with some GMail users as well. A lot of folks are unhappy with these services. Will these new Windows features make them happy? Or will it further alienate more customers?

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