The New Apple TV: What Will It Do For Me?

So Apple fans, including some of our own computer repair clients, glued themselves to the press conference yesterday. Because at their Cupertino theater, they revealed new additions to their new Apple TV features. The new Apple TV: What will it do for me?

So here is a feature that strikes me. With the new Apple TV, you can get third party subscriptions with ease. For example, if you can’t live without Netflix, but you have Apple TV, then you’re now keeping your Netflx. So how is this going to happen? Because the Apple TV app is already available through smartphones. But soon, it’s going to be available through Mac and Apple laptops.

The new Apple TV app will come to smart TV’s. This will include Samsung’s, LG’s, Sony’s and Vizio’s. The app is even coming to the smart TV of their biggest arch rival, Amazon. We don’t know exactly what day, or even month. But they did say it would happen by the end of the year. Still not sure about this new venture? Then you can get a free trial. If you subscribe after that, then you can pay for it monthly through Apple pay. You’ll no longer have to go from app to app. At least that’s the way Apple advertises it.

One one hand, this looks like a genius move on Apple’s part. In fact, some leaders of these companies, were at the press conference and stood in agreement. To eliminate your competition by teaming up with them sounds like a genius move. But let’s talk about the fact it’s just now coming to Macs and Apple laptops. With all due respect Apple, you should have done that some time ago. Do they really want to embrace their IT support competition? Or are they just afraid of them? And what will the new Apple TV do your you?

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