Microsoft Surface Hub Is Very Popular

The Microsoft Surface Hub is Microsoft is an interactive technology whiteboard. It comes in 55 and 84 inch sizes. The Surface Hub features a 1080p touchscreen. It also has multi-touch capabilities. Furthermore, it runs on Windows 10. Finally, Microsoft Surface Hub is very popular.

Microsoft sells their Surface Hub mostly to businesses. I can see Microsoft Surface Hub being very popular with IT support, and in computer service shops. It’s popular in general. They launched Microsoft Surface Hub in March 2016. Keep in mind the release date is 9 months later than Microsoft wanted. Then, a few months later, they started running out. But now, according to Microsoft officials, their product is back for sale.

As a result, they shipped ?Surface Hubs to over 2,000 customers. These things hardly sell one at a time. The average customer asks for 50 of them per order. But one major car company really outdid itself. This company ordered 1,500 of them. Officials also say they’ll offer a ‘try and buy’ service. That’s only for the US and Europe. Consumers will be able to try it for 30 days before either buying it or sending it back (kinda like those infomercials). So due to the size and demand of Microsoft Surface Hub, don’t expect it to come cheap. A small model costs around $9,000. Then you have the large ones, which costs well over $20,000.

But the Microsoft Surface Hub has another dilemma. Their supply can’t meet demand. And from where I’m sitting, demand isn’t going down anytime soon. And another thing: Why does Microsoft allow companies to buy 1,500 at a time? Their lies the problem. There needs to be a maximum limit on how many a consumer can buy. It makes no sense for anybody to buy that many Microsoft Surface Hub systems at once. So limit that. In addition to that, Microsoft Surface Hub is about to get competition. In early 2017, Google expects to release The Google Jamboard. I bet The Google Jamboard will make sure enough supply meets demand. Then how will they stand up to that?

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