Is AI Helpful, Annoying or Both?

So while grocery shopping last week, I saw an AI robot cleaning floors, and serving as…ahem…’security’. Basically, that means it watched everything I do and bought. It was a strange experience, but not a shocking one. Then I read this article on Tech Crunch. So it made me thing. Is AI helpful, annoying, or both?

The article gave a few examples. For instance, AI can now make your appointments, from dinner reservations to beauty salon to business meetings. The author uses the example of to book business meetings. He says this is great because it avoids going to everybody in the office to book meetings. But I must respectfully disagree. Because if you and your colleagues can’t even come together to schedule a meeting, then that alone is telling. You probably won’t come to agree on getting other stuff done either. However, I understand that is not the case. So I say, use AI for this as a very last resort. I also say that for booking any kind of appointment.

This article uses AI’s help with driving. Just let me say, in many cases, AI helps with this. I myself experience this. AI technology really helps you get from point A to point B in an efficient manner. Also, our computer repair techs experience this. So yes, AI is very helpful there. With saying that, it can also be annoying. Because they can also stir you in the wrong direction, or tell you to do something, even though you know the route.

Well, here is the article. Yes, AI can make your life easy. But in some cases, it can make life even more difficult.Let’s not even talk about all the jobs AI is taking. Like when I was at the store and saw AI cleaning up. That used to be a human being cleaning up and earning a paycheck and providing for his or her family. Again, I can use my own personal experience to attest to both. I’m sure you can too. So is AI helpful, annoying, or both?

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