Introducing Boosted’s Electric Scooter

So Boosted is one of the up and coming players in IT service. They gave us the electric skateboard. But wait…there’s more. Here’s introducing Boosted’s electric scooter.

So they call their electric scooter Boosted Rev. According to reviews I read, it does wonders but is heavy duty, literally. I say that because this scooter weighs 46 pounds. That’s no joke. But they say it weighs so much because it packs so much power. If you think the weight is an issue for you, then wait until you hear about it’s price. It will cost you around $1,600. But know here’s the good news.

This scooter can go up to 24mph. Also, their tires can take anything the roads can throw at them. They have three kinds of breaking: electric, hand and foot. It’s also great for climbing up hills, thanks to it’s duel wheel motors coming in at 1500 watts each. And Boosted wants it to be this way. They want this scooter to do everything a car, heck, even everything a mac truck can do. For instance, with these dual motors, you can go up a hill as fast as 22 mph. With speeds like this, in most residential areas, you can even keep up with cars. I wouldn’t take this thing on the Interstate though.

So let’s talk about this weight issue. I would NOT climb this thing up the stairs. If you have a garage, leave it there. Or if you have a backyard or basement, just tie it up real good and leave it there. When I looked at the cost, and what Rev offers, I think this is a good item. I know here in Boston, there are a lot of hills, so this scooter would be heaven scent. Now think of those who live in mountainous. This scooter would do well for them and this is a great investment. Introducing Boosted’s electric scooter. Would you get one?

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