Google Maps Helps Commuters

Are you a commuter? Okay, in one way or another, I guess we all are. But what I mean is, do you use a public transit system to get around? If so, then Google Maps wants to help. Google Maps helps commuters.

So this new feature gives you live guidance and times of your trip. They also give you updates while you’re on your journey. For those of you with Androids, like me, this feature can appear on your lock screen. However, you have to do your part to take advantage. It’s fairly simple to do.

First, go to Google Maps. Then, search for your local transit directions. In layman’s terms, just type in your starting point and your destination as usual. Don’t forget to select the ‘transit’ option (usually appears as a streetcar). Then, and here’s the new part, it will give you a ‘start’ button on the bottom of the screen. That button gives you details and expected times on your train or bus. For instance, if you’re taking the A train from Main St. to Smith Square. This new service will tell you what time the next train will get there. It will also tell you how long the trip will take.

This is going to help a lot of people here in Boston. Our computer service shop is in a very urban neighborhood, and public transit is crucial to everyday life. I can say the same thing for other major cities around the country and world as well. Many of these commuters also work in IT service or support in some capacity. I don’t think this will be for everyone. However, keep in mind tens of millions of Americans live in cities where at least 20% of the population use public transit. This is how Google Maps helps commuters. Will it help you?

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