Google eBooks feature translate, define and search.

When people read from time to time they may come across a word they have never seen before and would like to know what that means to bring some sort of context to sentence or part of the story. Well now with the Google eBooks Web Reader you can look this stuff up without losing your place or even looking away from the page. Here is a breakdown of these three nice features.

You can also translate a single word or several sentences of content into dozens of languages, from Afrikaans to Yiddish, by selecting the “Translate” option. As with definitions, you’ll see the translated text displayed in the pop-up window.

Click ?Define? and the pop-up now displays a definition of the word via Google Dictionary, without leaving the page you?re on in the Google eBook. Click on the audio icon to the left of the word you want defined to hear the definition pronounced aloud. If you decide you do want to leave the page, select ?More? to go to the Google Dictionary page for the word, which provides additional information like usage examples and web definitions.

By selecting one of the search options, you can search for the selected text in other places within the ebook itself or across the entire web.

?Search Book? brings up all the instances in which the selected text appears in the ebook. You can also access the search options by clicking on the magnifying glass icon in the upper right-hand corner of the Web Reader. Click on a search result to jump to that section.

?Search Google? and ?Search Wikipedia? open up a new browser tab displaying the search results for that text on Google and Wikipedia, respectively.

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