GMail and Google Go Down

Google is the most powerful online source today. It’s probably one of the most powerful corporations today, if not all-time. Yesterday, they proved that even they are human.

Yesterday, around 2pm Eastern time, Gmail and Google+ went down. They were down for almost an hour. The interruption was felt worldwide. It was a Code 500 problem, meaning minor, temporary, and we don’t know what caused the problem. You Tube was affected; during this time period, hindering videos from being uploaded. Twenty minutes later, most Google users had full power again. By the end of that hour, everyone Gmail and Google+ user was up and running again.

But that’s only part of the story. Apparently,?some at the Yahoo thought it was good to polk fun at Google’s temporary misfortune. They said they didn’t mean any harm, but it got to the point Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer had to apologize. I’d love to be a fly on the wall at Yahoo headquarters right about now. Keep in mind Yahoo has it’s online turbulent email history. I got two things from this episode. One: all people, companies, and corporations are going to make mistakes. Even the mighty Google fumbled the ball; we just don’t know how yet. Plus, I don’t think it was wise for the good people at Yahoo to tweet about Google’s mishap. There’s a saying: Get the speck out of your own eye before removing someone else’s. Is Yahoo speck free?

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