FCC aproves verizon spectrum purchase

When a company buys another company there can always be issued and contoversy about how the purchase was handled or if it is even fair for a company to buy another company in a certain market could be bring the marketshare to a monopolistic level. Well there were plenty of concerns on the purchase of spectrum from Verizon. With Verizon’s acquisition of a large swath of AWS spectrum from a consortium of cable companies operating as SpectrumCo that includes Comcast and Time Warner. As with the DoJ, the FCC’s approval specifies “a number of binding commitments and conditions” including a spectrum swap of certain licenses between Verizon and Leap (better known in the market as Cricket) and a transfer of certain AWS holdings to T-Mobile upon completion of the purchase. In fact, the Commission says in its final report that the approval was based largely on “unprecedented divestiture of spectrum to a competitor, T-Mobile.” So with all of this information do you feel Verizon got away with something? Or did the FCC do the right thing by letting this go through? Tell me what you think.

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