Facebook Triumphs Along

Yes indeed Facebook triumphs along. For example, Facebook video views have doubled from four billion to eight billions. Keep in mind video hits have doubled in just seven months! And that’s just part of Facebook’s good news.

Facbook has had a Q3 most businesses can only dream of! It’s user numbers have grown to 1.55 billion users. That means 20% of the whole world are on Facebook. As of Q3 2015, one billion people log on daily. It’s made $4.5 billion in revenue, up 11% from last quarter. Their monthly use rate went up too, rising 4% this quarter. Facebook added 4 million users in the US and Canada alone. That’s a good thing because these two nations are Facebook’s biggest money makers. They’re also getting new demographics, like senior citizens. While Facebook use among 15-19 year-olds is fading, they’re making good recruits out of younger teens. But perhaps the best news of all is their international influence. Global internet access, especially in poor and oppressed nations, has been Mark Zuckerberg’s dream. This quarter, he saw morsels of it. Facebook use grows in developing nations. In Q3 2013, countries and continents other than Canada, United States, European countries and Asian/Pacific countries had 144 million active users. Today, those nations have 167 million users.

Some time ago, Zuckerberg began an initiative to make Internet use available for all. We’re not there yet, not by a long shot. But Facebook should be proud of these numbers. I would especially be proud of getting the new users in developing nations. Yes, I could be cynical and say something like,”He wants online access over there so Facebook could get more users and he could make more money.” That may be part of it. But I believe there’s a deeper meaning here. We need computer technology to do just about anything these days. And with the right computer technology, not only can those living in developing nations lift themselves up, but lift their communities up as well. What do you think about Facebook’s triumphs?

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