Facebook Passwords: Facebook Helps Recover Password

You have password issues, don’t you? Most of us do. In fact, if you’re in computer repair, they’re almost a guarantee. Facebook wants to change that. Facebook passwords: Facebook helps recover passwords.

So yes, Facebook wants to help you recover passwords. But not just for your site. They also want to help you recover passwords for every site you need them. And in this day and age, ?you need passwords for many, many websites. This came up at the F8 Facebook Development Conference in San Jose, CA. So there, they develop a software. They call it, ‘Delegated Account Recovery’. Hence, with this software, people can recover any password to any account.

But there’s one catch. That account has to be a part of Facebook’s beta program. So here is what that means. Can you log on to the website through Facebook? Then you can use this new Facebook passwords software. You click on the ‘forgot my password’ button. Then, that button takes you to Facebook. From there, they’ll ask you questions only you would know. The question would be something like, “Where did you attend high school?”. It could also give you a Facebook friend and tell you to give his or her name. If you get it right, Facebook gives the website confirmation that you are who you really are. And boom! Your Facebook passwords problems are solved.

But I will tell you one thing. This program will be very popular. Do you know how many people come in our Boston computer service shop with password issues? If I had a dollar every time this happened, then I would be rich. So the demand will be there. And think about all the sites where you can log on through Facebook. That’s just how powerful Facebook is these days. But would it be safe? I love Facebook. But, do we want one website, Facebook, to have this much power over us?

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