Facebook Messenger Kids’ Error

So many parents, even in computer repair, get Facebook Messenger Kids. They get it because they can control who gets on their kids’ pages. Think of it as a safety precaution. However, even the precaution went wrong. Let’s look at this Facebook Messenger Kids’ Error.

So according to The Verge, Facebook sent a message to parents. The message warned them about a technical error. This error allowed a child’s friend to start a chat in the app. However, these chats can go without the approval of the parent’s first child. I don’t want to confuse anybody. But basically, what this technical error does is remove a layer of safety and protection.

So far, Facebook is not making this totally public. They’re telling parents who may be affected by this tech error. Of course, it’s public know thanks to bloggers and tech journalists around the world. The Verge believes this flaw left thousands of kids in unsupervised chat rooms.

And I think this is the panic here behind this Facebook Messenger Kids’ error. Some may say, oh, it’s only one snafu, it’s only one error of protection that went away. What’s wrong with that? What’s wrong with that is that’s all it takes. Let’s face it: The criminals, traffickers and perverts are getting smarter and smarter with technology. That’s not good. Then there are other kids who want to bully or threaten another kid. This missing layer of protection can mean easy, easy pickins’ for these bullies. So you have two kinds of people already that can use this to their advantage. What are some others? And what can we do to keep out kids safe?

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