Elon Musk Wants Your Brain

So Elon Musk is one of the most ambitious geniuses in the IT service world today. First, he wants to put us in driverless cars. Then, he wants us on the moon. But now, Elon Musk wants your brain.

So let me explain. Elon Musk heads a startup company Neuralink. Now, they’re working on threads they can implant in the human brain. Furthermore, with these threads, they want to study, and eventually treat, brain disorders. In fact, Musk believes that we can solve these issues with a chip.

But now, Neuralink would work kinda like a sewing machine. These threads are about half as thin as a human hair. These threads would go deep into a patient’s brain tissue. Then, it can read and write about what is going on in that person’s brain in an in-depth level. Don’t go rushing to your doctor, health care provider or pharmacist yet. Because this dream is a long way from becoming a reality. In fact, this could take many years. But Neuralikn executives are optimistic they can get this in the hands of the medical community and the patients soon. In fact, they’re already testing it on rats. They plan to try this on a handful of humans as early as 2020.

So this is how Elon Musk wants your brain. I have mixed feelings about this one. If they can keep this strictly to treating brain diseases, then I am all for it. If they can treat and even cure such diseases with Neuralink, then give Mr. Musk the Nobel prize! But human beings being human beings, somebody could hijack this patent and turn it into something sinister. What if somebody uses this just to read your mind and invade your privacy? Then, what if they arrest and imprison you just on ‘thought crime’ using this? Remember the movie Minority Report?

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