Cyber Monday Breaks All Online Records

Some people heeded my call to avoid the Black Friday madness. In fact, a lot of people did. Cyber Monday breaks all online records.

So, according to many retail store numbers, Cyber Monday 2016 is the biggest day in online shopping history! They estimate consumers spent $3.39 billion yesterday. That’s $50 million more than they spent on Black Friday. Also, classic toy brands dominated sales. Lego, Nerf and Barbie all made a killing. While top selling electronics include Xbox, Playstation 4, and Apple iPads. It looks like Samsung’s trying to make a comeback. Because one top selling item is their 4K TV.

Mobile sales also went up. However, most of those sales were processed through laptop clicks. For the first time ever, mobile sales went up over a billion dollars. But this isn’t a one time trend. We should expect this in the years to come, according to some experts. “Cyber Monday is on track to be the biggest online shopping day ever, surpassing our forecast by almost $27m or 0.8 percent,” said one Adobe analysts. Deep discounts also had a lot to do with Cyber Monday’s success. Television and tablet prices went down over 20%. Toys and pet care prices decreased over 10%. Video game systems relatively stayed the same price.

So yes, the growing dissatisfaction of Black Friday has a lot to do with this trend. But let’s face it. Online shopping is just more peaceful and convenient. You take a trip to the store. Then you find out your product isn’t there. You wasted a trip. But online, the only thing you waste is a minute or two. There may be some downsides to online shopping. You better hope your gift gets there on time. You may be at the mercy of slow delivery service. And just hope you’re not at the mercy of disgruntle shippers. How will you do your holiday shopping: online shopping or the old fashioned way?

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