Consumer Alert: Hackers Use RAT to Spy on Innocent Victims

Many of us?use social media, like Skype and You Tube, for good, or at least, for entertainment purposes. There are some hackers out there who are using social media to spy on you and your loved ones. Some might think of this as fun, innocent, or no big deal, but I shutter to think where RAT (Remote Administration Tool) can lead to.

RAT is now being used to spy on other people’s computers, and they can know everything you’re doing and when you’re doing it while you’re doing it. They nickname their victims slaves. One hacker brags, “Poor people think they are alone in their private homes, but have no idea they are the laughing stock [of the hacking community]”. RAT users have total control over infected machines. For the majority, at least in their eyes, it’s harmless. They claim they’re just curious about what other people are into. It’s not that hard to ‘RAT’ somebody. Some say they can accumulate thousands of slaves a day. And they are hardly ever caught.

But what worries me is the more extreme cases and what RAT can be used for. In California, one girl was stalked to the point she wouldn’t leave her dorm room. Think about what bullies can do with this RAT. What if identity thieves use RAT to score easy prey? Sex predators won’t hesitate to use RAT for their perverse exploitation. And may Heaven forbid, groups like al-Qaeda and unstable nations like North Korea and Iran use RAT as a tool to spy on their enemies (like America) and use this info against us. There is no limit to how destructive RAT can be. Or am I just being paranoid? Is RAT just a harmless, and even fun, hacking tool? Or is it just another threat to what little privacy we have left?

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