China Launches Hack-Free Internet Service

Did you know that cyber crimes are the fastest growing crimes in the world today? Also, the criminals are getting better and smarter. But apparently, so is Chinese technology. China launches hack-free Internet service.

So China comes up with an ‘unhackable’ network. They’re doing this by moving from encryption to?quantum cryptography. They came up with this in Jinan, a hotbed city for Chinese tech. But this network won’t be for everyone, not yet. They’re gearing it toward their government, military and corporate powerhouses. However, China is virtually the only nation investing in quantum technology. So what is this new trend? And why will it keep the Internet hack free?

It’s all in the keys. For more secure messages, light particles surround the keys while you’re typing. Then, the receiver can read it with such keys. So if anybody breaks into the light particles and hijack the message, the light particles stop the interference. Furthermore, they will alert both sender and receiver of the hacking attempt. You see, regular encryption is venerable. Some blame their shelf life. Others blame current computers. But here is the other question: Why is China virtually the only nation investing in this?

Several reason. One is because quantum tech is very expensive. The other is many think it won’t work. Some say that China has the money and manpower to invest in this. Well, doesn’t the United States? And doesn’t many other Western nations? This is my concern and fear. Look at the cyber attacks that happened this year alone. And until we’re doing something about it, nobody in IT support is safe. At least tech heads in China are trying to do something. So I can’t accept ‘we can’t afford it’ as an excuse. We can afford to at least try. If we can afford to make robots to take human jobs, can’t we afford to try quantum technology? China launches hack-free Internet service. Shouldn’t we?

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