Apple America’s Most Valuable Brand

For years, that title belonged to Coca-Cola. The soda pop brand that has become a part of the global psyche has been knocked off it’s 13 year perch. Now, this long standing computer brand is the most valuable one.

The report hints that Apple changes lives with it’s character as well as it’s products. And the fact that Apple ended 2012 worth $98 billion dollars, compared to Coca-Cola’s 79.2 billion may have something to do with it. Interbrand was the one who produced this list. It’s chief executive Jez Frampton, credits Apple for leading the way in marketing today. Google followed Apple as a contestant 2nd, while Coca-Cola fell to third. Frampton says Apple are changing the way we communicate and even speak to each other. Other tech based companies dominated the top 10: I.B.M., Microsoft, Samsung and Intel all made it that far.

I can kind of see why Apple made the list. That company has become a staple of our lifestyle. Look at how many people ran out and got the latest Apple product. But personally, I think Google should be called the Most Valuable Brand. Yes, we live with Apple products; I can’t imagine us living without Google. Apple’s stock is around $478 today. Google stock is $876. Apple is always looking over their shoulder for competitors like Android. Google is leaving their competitors in the dust. Do you watch You Tube? Do you use Google Maps? Do you use Zagat, Waze, Motorola Mobility,, Global IP Solutions, or Double Click? You’re using a Google based good or service. Okay, so Google doesn’t advertise the way Apple does. That’s because they don’t need to; they do so well this empire advertises itself! What do you think is America’s Most Valuable brand?

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