Alexa’s Super Bowl Commercial

So it’s almost Super Bowl time. And you know people here in Boston, yes even in our computer service shop, are ready. That also mean it’s time for some memorable commercials, including in the IT service Let’s look at Alexa’s Super Bowl commercial.

So one commercial people anticipate is? ‘Alexa Loses Her Voice’. It lasts 90 seconds. Furthermore, it includes an all-star casts. It includes Oscar winner Anthony Hopkins, singer/actress Rebel Wilson,? rap star Cardi B and celebrity chef Gordon Ramsey. Yes, it even stars Jeff Bezos himself. It passes off as a comedy commercial, and does a great job at comedy. But you don’t have to wait for the big game to see it. Because Amazon is releasing the whole commercial. I saw the entire commercial on Tech Crunch.

However, many in the tech community think Amazon is subtly trying send another message. This shouldn’t be a surprise; this is Amazon we’re talking about. For example, Rebel Wilson wears Echo blue headsets. At the Las Vegas CES, Amazon talked a lot about earphones and other wearable tech pieces. But Amazon denies anything about new wearable tech goods? coming out. In fact, a spokesperson says these are just props. That’s what they say. But could this just as much as a curve ball.

Let’s look at something else. In 2018, it will cost $5 million to air a 30 second commercial during Super Bowl 52. However this commercial lasts 90 seconds. You do the math. Then, they got A list celebrities to star in this commercial. And you know these celebs didn’t do it for free, or cheap. I don’t know it they’re doing is deliberately, subtlety, or even sub-conscious.? But Amazon is sending a message to all: Look at how big we are and what we can do. Are they using this commercial not only to promote Alexa, but to intimidate the competition? Will Alexa’s Super Bowl commercial, and not the game or the halftime show, be the thing we talk about around the water cooler Monday morning?

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