AI Conducts Job Interviews: This Includes Reading Faces

So more people are working remotely and/or at home than ever before. We can thank IT support for that. But this means many companies change the way they conduct jobs interviews. Then, in some cases, they let artificial intelligence do the job for them. AI conducts job interviews: This includes reading faces.

So there are startup IT service companies like HireVue and AllyO and VCV.AI. are changing that. If you ask these companies, they say the more traditional ways of interviewing just aren’t working. So one company uses machine learning to look for source patterns in applications. Then, they can draw out more successful potential candidates.

Others will use AI to screen faces, voices, and even body language. However, others will use robo-voice interviews, and examine the interviewers’ voice recognition and video recording. They’ll use AI to study somebody’s nerves and other behaviors. They can even use AI to make sure somebody is a good cultural fit. These companies brag AI hiring will save them time and energy. Because one says the AI way will save them 20 hours of work a week. Yes, some companies are switching to the AI way. I’m talking big name companies, like L’Oreal makeup, Mars candy/food company, and Citibank bank giant.

Here is another reason AI conducts job interviews. There was a time when the interview was a test to see if you could do the work. Now, it’s a test to see if you can fit in. I guess they believe that robots can do a better job determining that than humans. However, this AI job interviewing can be a good thing. Because stats say many bosses are less likely to give a job, or even interview, to somebody with an ethnic sounding name than to someone with an Anglo-Saxon sounding name. Unfortunately, this still goes on in 2019 America! So if AI can be more fair and cut down on the discrimination, then I say let the AI do the interviewing. What do you think of AI conducting job interviews?

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