80 inches of pure Windows 8 Tablet

It was reported that CEO of Microsoft Steve Ballmer has an 80 inch tablet in his office. It is a touch enabled screen and it hangs on his wall. This is what was reported by Microsoft VP Frank Shaw.

“It’s his whiteboard, his email machine,” Shaw said, “and it’s a device we’re going to sell.”

Now there was an 80 inch Microsoft Sharp Aquos Board touch screen that was unveiled at the CES in Las Vegas but this isn?t what he has on his wall. The one on Ballmers wall is made by a different company but begs the question why isn?t he using the Aquos one? Shaw also added that this sizable tablet is not made for consumers but is made for businesses but feels down the road it will be affordable for the private user.

Windows 8 will see a consumer release preview in June, with an expected public launch later this year. No date or launch window has been set for the 80-inch tablet, or indeed confirmation that an 80-inch tablet is in fact still a tablet at all.

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