Will Facebook Messenger Matter After April 2017?

Since it’s creation, Facebook Messenger took off in use and popularity. Hence, on my personal page, 80% of my Facebook friends use Messenger. But could that change soon? Will Facebook Messenger matter after April 2017?

I ask this because of the sources I read. They say Facebook considers quitting the Windows Phone 8.1 version of Messenger. In fact, they believe Zuckerberg plans to slowly kill Messenger’s support on Windows phones. But wait. There’s more. They also believe older Facebook Messenger apps aren’t what they used to be. And this is on Android and Apple phones. But let’s focus back on Windows 8.1 phones.

According to an Italian tech news website, Facebook will stop supporting Messenger on Windows 8.1 phones. What does that mean? That means if you have this smartphone, then ?Messenger will be as good as Windows XP. That means no good at all. ?Also, these phone owners are already getting email warnings. The warnings tell them what’s coming and that it’s coming soon. The support will start at the end of March. They give two ways to avoid the shock of unsupported Messenger. One is to upgrade your software to Windows 10. Or, they can buy a smartphone that has the latest software.

Also, they suggest Android and Apple users have the latest software, if they want to have Facebook Messenger. Already, customers bring their phones to our Boston computer service shop with these concerns. We tell them what I’m telling you. Make sure you have the latest Messenger app. Plus, when support for the old systems go, it’s not coming back. But if you continue using the old support, you’re opening yourself up. You open yourself up to viruses, malware, and goodness knows what else. When you do, Facebook, Windows, and others won’t support you. Yes, we at Computer Geeks specialize in laptops fixed, but why wait that long?

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