Photograbber helps you collect all those Facebook photos


Having so many friends on Facebook, it?s difficult to keep track of just how many photos of yourself that others have tagged. From that office retreat back in April to a family picture taken during the holidays, tagged photos can pop up out of nowhere, with you unknowingly present in some of them. Instead of asking them for a copy of that photo, you can use Photograbber, a neat utility that simply collects all of those photos in which your friends have tagged you and others.

Installation is simple. After its completion, Photograbber will scour the walls of your various friends for those pictures they?ve tagged. After selecting the Facebook friend from whom you want to grab, Photograbber will retrieve each and every one of the photos, storing them in a directory that you specify.

Photograbber doesn?t allow you to select which photos you want. When using it, Photograbber collects every tagged photo. Additionally, there is no way to preview the photos you?ve received, as Photograbber doesn?t provide any thumbnails of the images. You?ll have to open each photo to see what?s included.

We should also note that this will require that you?re actually friends with the individuals from whom you?re culling the photos. Depending on their privacy settings, you may find that Photograbber is unable to collect the photos.

If you?re someone who just needs to collect the photos of your Facebook friends, including those that feature you, this is an excellent and easy way to do so.

You can download Photograbber here.

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