You Tube Channel Exploits Smartphone Rivalry

So the Apple vs Android/Google rivalry is probably the most famous business rivalry since Pepsi vs Coke. However, from our computer repair experience, some people take that a little too seriously. But one You Tube channel shows that. In fact, this You Tube channel exploits smartphone rivalry.

The You Tuber’s name is Jonathan Morrison. First, he took selfies with what he said was a Google Pixel 2. Then, he revealed the lie. He really took the pictures with an Apple iPhone XS. Morrison is a popular You Tube tech/IT service reviewer with over 2.5 million subscribers. But he used his platform to teach a lesson: Don’t give into the smartphone loyalty hype.

Some people call what he did trolling his own audience. But Morrison made a statement that explains his actions. “Don’t let a preconceived notion or headline skew your judgment…” he said. He said this because when he said his Google took the pictures, Google/Droid fans rejoiced. Then you had Apple apps booing and hissing. This is the point he’s trying to prove. This isn’t the first time he’s been through this. It probably won’t be his last either. Because for eight years, Morrison played peacemaker of sorts between Android fans and Apple fans. Oh, there are also the Samsung fans, the Boost Mobile fans, etc, but we’re focusing on Apple and Android/Google.

I’ll give you my personal experience. My first smartphone was an Apple. But years later, an incident happened. Then I needed a battery. The battery was so expensive that I switched to an Android phone. I’ve been an Android customer ever since. But that’s just me. I’m sure there are people who have powerful testimonies as Apple fans. I’m kind of glad this You Tube channel exploits smartphone rivalry. Because we take this rivalry even more seriously even than the Pepsi vs Coke rivalry ever did. Are you still on anybody’s side?

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