The App That Cleans Your Photos

So have you ever taken a photo with your smartphone? It’s 2019, the height of the IT service age, so of course. But then you got all these people in your photos you don’t want there. Apparently, there’s an app for that now. Here’s the app that cleans your photos.

They call this app the Bye Bye Camera. This app removes human beings, including yourself, from photos you take with your smartphone. The organization behind this is Do Something Good. The people behind this say the Bye Bye Camera app takes the ‘selfie’ aspect of photos. They also say we’re heading into, “…the post human era”. Furthermore, Do Something Good reminds us that pets will be in the pictures.

However, there’s quite a demonstration of this. I saw a photo of a man standing on a sidewalk. Then a caption appears saying, “Please wait, detecting humans”. They use AI tech to take humans out of photos. They’re working on more causes with this kind of AI. It uses YOLO You Only Look Once). This is a kind of AI that detects a human being from the outline. Then they compare it with animals and non-living objects. That’s how they remove humans from photos. You can get the Bye Bye Camera app from the App Store for $3. That’s quite expensive for an app.

That’s the app that cleans your photos. It cleans of them of ourselves. I have mixed feelings about this. It would be fun to play with. Also, I know I have pictures that I would like to take the people out of. But I also have concern. First of all, they call it the post human era. That phrase alone scares me. Because it shows, to me at least, we now have such cynicism towards one another that we look forward to a time when we’re not even here. That’s creepy to me. In fact, I’d rather have the selfie culture that the ‘post human’ culture. I’m not crazy about this $3 price either. Would you use this app?

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